Pinellas Foreclosures and Short Sales

July 24, 2012

Selling Your Palm Harbor Home - 5 Things to Think About

You are considering selling your Palm Harbor home and are a little nervous about the market. What should you do to improve your chances for a sale, and especially a sale for your asking price? Plenty, so read on.

Selling Your Palm Harbor Home -5 Things to Think About First, call a reputable Palm Harbor real estate agent with experience ...

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Feb. 7, 2012

Should You Pay Your Mortgage if Your House is Worth Less than You Owe

As Pinellas CDPE Realtors, people ask us all the time if "you should pay your mortgage if your house is worth less than you owe". Except in some VERY rare conditions, we have to say that if you can AFFORD to pay your mortgage, you SHOULD pay your mortgage!

Taking ...

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Jan. 19, 2012

What is a CDPE Certified Real Estate Agent and Why Does it Matter?

We get A LOT of questions about what a CDPE Certified Real Estate Agent is and why it should matter to you in your situation.

You’re a homeowner and are behind on your mortgage. It happens to the best of us, but what can you do? You What is a CDPE Certified Real Estate Agent and Why Does it Matter?may be upside ...

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Oct. 28, 2011

Homes in Palm Harbor for Large Families

Homes in Palm Harbor for very large families that are affordable - say under $400,000 - that have pools and the requisite indoor and outdoor space for the kiddies to roam, aren't that easy to come by.  Currently there are only six for sale in all of Palm Harbor ...

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May 24, 2011

Pinellas Short Sale Realtors MARS Disclosure Requirements

There are new disclosure rules for Pinellas short sale Realtors under the MARS Mortage Relief Act disclosure requirements as of January 31, 2011.

Pinellas Short Sale Realtors MARS Disclosure Requirements These disclosure rules are not without controversy but were designed by the Federal Trade Commission to protect mortgage foreclosure rescue and loan modification services from collecting fees until homeowners have ...

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May 3, 2011

Keller Williams Palm Harbor Realtors Market Update

As Keller Williams Palm Harbor Realtors, the #1 question we're asked is "How's the real estate market?".   Below are the latest statistics and our 'gut' take on how the market actually feels to Palm Harbor Realtors with their feet on the street.  And this is a pic of our sign, which ...

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Nov. 12, 2010

Buying Pinellas Short Sales. What, Are You Nuts?!

Buying Pinellas Short Sales are you nuts?Investing in Pinellas short sales can be a beautiful thing, your worst nightmare or something in between.   We've run in to major hurdles the past two weeks with some of our Pinellas County short sale buyers.   Things can and do go haywire when purchasing short sales for countless reasons ...

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Sept. 15, 2010

Palm Harbor Realtors Offering 87 Eastwinds Court a Watefront Gem at $235,000!

87 Eastwinds DeckThis Palm Harbor Realtor is stunned that Pinellas waterfront homes are such incredible buys right now.  Take this Palm Harbor home with gulf access, 4 bedroom 3BA,  1,906sf home with a covered boat lift, hardwood floors and a beautifully remodeled kitchen and master bath which just became available again.  It's ready for some ...

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June 27, 2010

Fannie Mae to Punish Strategic Defaulters with 7 Year Lockout

Pinellas Short Sales and Deeds In Lieu Option Are Better than Ever

Pinellas Short Sales and Deeds In Lieu Option Are Better than Ever

Pinellas short sales, deeds in lieu and loan modifications remain a better option than walking away from your mortgage.  Last week, Fannie Mae came out last week with big guns and their new policy to punish those ...

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June 7, 2010

Top 4 Dangers in Buying Foreclosure Homes for Sale in Pinellas County

Buying foreclosure homes for sale in Pinellas County isn't always what it's cracked up to be.   As Pinellas Realtors we strive to make the buying experience a ridiculously happy one, yet buying foreclosures can be gut-wrenching.  Watch out for these ....

Top 4 Dangers in Buying Foreclosure Homes for ...

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