There are some real estate myths out there that make selling your home more difficult, even with the real estate market slowly picking up. Most of those myths have to do with pricing your home and updating it to get the best value.

Real Estate Myth #1: You should price your home higher than market value so you have room to negotiate. Wrong! If you overprice your home there are two problems that you will create. First, people who are looking at the right range for your home won't see it because the listing will be in the wrong price range. People who DO see it won't bite because it isn't what they are looking for. The other problem that presents itself is that you will inevitably have to lower your price and prospective buyers will wonder what is wrong with the home that it had to be re-priced. If your home is priced right, negotiating will be easy and offers will be close to what you want to get for your home. People will consider it a good value when you price it right.

Real Estate Myth #2: I need to do things like replace my carpet or do some updates to make it look better, but I don't have the money to do that, so should I just wait and offer a credit at closing so the buyers can fix it up themelves? No! Before real estate listings went internet, this would be a feasible idea, but with people Real estate myths - Palm Harbor Realtorschecking out properties before they see them in person, first impressions are incredibly important. Some updates are inexpensive for the value they give, such as freshening up paint, or updating cabinetry in a bath or kitchen with some paint. Check with the people at your local home improvement store to find inexpensive ways to freshen up your interior, spruce up your appliances, even how to make your carpet look less worn.

Real Estate Myth #3: De-cluttering makes sense, but do I really have to stage my home for sale? De-cluttering and paring down the amount of furniture is essential in selling a home. The fewer pieces of furniture you have, the bigger your rooms look. Buyers don't expect that a home that is being lived in is going to look like a designer's show piece, but some staging is a good thing.

Being aware of the above real estate myths is a smart way to get your home sold!!! If you have weird real estate questions that you want to find out about, please please please give me a call today to find out the REAL real estate answers! Julia 727-366-0324