Capturing the Memories of Baby's First Year

Infants grow up so fast, and you will never have the opportunity to go back and re-live all those precious memories. This is what makes it so crucial to do all you are able to do to capture your favorite memories of your own baby's first year of living. Or even if a relative of yours had a baby recently, you can surprise them when the baby has their first birthday with a collection of picture memories. They will be sure to love and treasure this gift for always. Observe a few of these ideas, and you will be able to look back at baby's first year of life for decades to come.

Record a Scrapbook

Scrapbooks are becoming one of the most common ways of saving memories. You can place many things inside a scrapbook, including pictures, little mementos, and your own personal thoughts regarding the baby's first year. If you do not want to cut up original photos, just scan them or print out extra copies of digital photos. Include several details, for example baby cards people presented to you, entries in a journal, along with any other special memorabilia. If you fall in love with one of the pages you make, you can just take it out of the scrapbook and put it in a picture frame on the wall.

Calendar of Baby's First Year

Sometimes significant memories and milestones never get written down because they happen so quickly. You'll be more likely to write things down if you use a calendar rather than a journal or scrapbook for "spur of the moment" memories. You can use a calendar specially designed to record baby's first year. Or, simply make your own from a large wall calendar that has plenty of space on each date to make notes. Then any time something happens, such as the first time your infant rolls over or whenever they first smile, you can make a quick note on the calendar. Don't forget that you may go back later on and write down more details inside a scrapbook or maybe a journal, but writing the occasion down correctly is a vital part of preserving the memory.

Make a Whole Wall of Memories

It can be a lot of fun to devote one wall to baby pictures. You will love your wall of pictures, whether it consists of one big collage of pictures in a picture frame or several smaller pictures in frames. Actually, many families have a photo wall as a tradition and replace the older pictures with new ones occasionally. This can be a wonderful way to fully savor your beloved family pictures.

Memories in a Digital Form

If you are computer savvy, consider making a digital scrapbook or a digital photo presentation. You are able to download some software which will allow you to include photos and digital clips from your favorite movies, and even include music and special effects to make a movie which you may put on a DVD. Not only is this a wonderful way to keep your child's memories alive, it is also a wonderful gift for relations such as grandma and grandpa who live far away. Digital picture compilations usually turn out extremely well, and can become a cherished memento of your baby's first year.

So stick to these tips and your thoughts of your baby's very first year will never be forgotten.


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