Celebrate The New Life By Throwing A Fabulous Baby Shower

Children are the light of our lives, the main reason to live for, a gift that should be cherished. The expectation of your new baby brings not only a lot of anxiety but also a lot of incredible moments. Throw a fabulous baby shower to celebrate this, here is how.

The baby shower is meant to celebrate the mother and the upcoming baby. It can be planned before or after the baby is born, so decide how is best for you. Obviously if a baby shower is organized after the baby is born many people will have the chance to see it at one time and more appropriate gifts will be given.

Regardless of the time (before or after) there are some things that should be taken into consideration and planned early in advance. The first thing to decide is who is going to organize the baby shower. Obviously this is connected with the host of the party. If the future parent are not hosting the party they can still be part of the planning "committee".

The net thing to consider is the guest list. This is more or less connected with the budget you can dedicate for the shower. Indeed inviting a lot of people means more gifts but also more money spend for the shower. If you are on a tight budget limit the guests to the members of your family and some close friends.

Select date, time and location for the even and send invitations. Try to choose a date with is convenient for everybody. If the baby shower will be held before the baby is born it should be about six weeks before the due date. If you prefer to make it afterward wait at least a month. When choosing the time think about the guests but also about the mother (and the baby) schedule as the most important thing is the party to be convenient for them.

After the above are decided print beautiful invitations and post them. You can ask the invited guests to confirm if they will come so that you can plan the beverages and the food for the party.

Speaking of these obviously means that the menu for the even should also be taken into account. If you are throwing a themed party the menu should reflect it. If the party will not have special theme menu will do as long as it is not too complicated. Depending on the time of the day it can include lunch or dinner or only light snacks.

Finally enjoy it! A baby shower is meant to be a celebration so make sure you and your guest are comfortable and are happy to be at your party. Make a lot of photos and even some videos to preserve these precious memories.


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