7 Things to Do To Get the Right Toddler Travel Bed for Your Child

Do you like to travel with your child - but you are concerned with their comfort and safety when it comes to bed time when you are away from home? Maybe it is a simple overnight trip to the grandparent's home. They have the old second-hand crib - but how safe is it? Or how about at a hotel - how safe and reliable is the crib that they quickly setup for your son or daughter? Maybe now is the time to consider a toddler travel bed for your child.

Not any longer. Parents want their child to be comfortable and safe when they travel - even if the travel is just an overnight at the grandparents' home. If you have ever been away from home with your child for at least one night you have probably considered a Toddler Travel Bed. There are lots available on the market - some will suit your family better than others. Here is help for you to choose one that best fits your lifestyle and budget.

1. The lighter the better. All things considered - the lighter the bed the better. The bed you choose should be under 6 pounds (in metric that's under 3 kg.). Travelling with a baby means that you have other gear as well - diaper bag, stroller, etc. Everything you buy - including your toddler travel bed should be ultra lightweight.

2. Compact in size. Whether you are off on a 2 week trip to Europe or just an overnight to grandma's all of your gear has to be compact to fit into your trunk, or to check in on a plane. Make sure that the travel bed you select can be easily packed away (in its own travel pack). The bed when collapsed should be smaller than 60 x 20 x 20 (centimeters) or in inches 24 x 8 x 8.

3. Sets up easily. When you get to your hotel room, or arrive at the in-laws you want to be able to get the bed setup right away - and you want it to be an easy, simple task. The bed you decide on should have a simple, one-person process that will allow you to set the bed up in less than 45 or 60 seconds. And when you are ready to leave you should be able to put the bed back in its carry case in the same short period of time - again it should be a one person job.

4. Easy access to your child - being able to reach in to pick up your child with ease should be a prime consideration when purchasing a toddler travel bed. Look for one with a zip down side panel that can be lowered for quick access to your toddler.

5. Bed with good air flow. If you choose a bed that has mesh side panels you can be assured that there will be air ventilation keeping your child cool and comfortable as they sleep.

6. Foam mattress. A toddler travel bed with a foam mattress helps to keep the bed light - more importantly it will be comfortable for your child.

7. Guarantees and returns. A toddler travel bed is an investment in your child's comfort, safety, and happiness. You want to make your purchase with confidence. Look for a bed that has a lifetime warranty. And make sure that it can be returned to the retailer with no hassles if it just isn't right for your family.

If you travel (even to the relatives) a couple of times a year having a toddler travel bed will make it so much easier for you and your family. We think that it is an essential piece of baby gear. If you a considering a travel bed for your toddler daughter or son refer to these seven tips when making your purchasing decision.


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